Over the next 28 days, we will be expanding, zooming out, and taking a broad scope perspective of water's role in cosmology, astronomy and astrology. She'll show us how she guides and orchestrates the birth of stars, the movements of planetary bodies, and the influence of those movements on our own psyches. This months ceremonies and rituals will be influenced by Balinese Agama Tirtha practices as well as the research of Theodor Shwenk.

We will enter the many residences of water in the universe, and meet her many incarnations there. Far from the simple earthly substance we are all familiar with, our enigmatic liquid life force takes innumerable forms and fulfils unfathomable roles all throughout the Universe.

We will begin embark on an exploration of astrology, and how water weaves our bodies into the movements and moods of celestial bodies in the upper ocean of sky. We will take a deeper look at the waters in your own personal natal chart and how they influence you in this incarnation.

And we'll see how water teaches "as above so below" in the ways the cosmos affects our bodywater.

“WOW. The cosmology workbook is just...wow. Truly an adventure of the mind & soul through the mysterious realm of the cosmos. Get ready to shift your perspective on water, the universe, matter, & really, the entirety of existence...& have fun doing it! If you’ve ever gazed up at the inky ‘void’ above & wondered.....this workbook is for you.”

~ Kaya Shannon

Monthly Musing

28 days of wisdom in action, guiding you through a balance of science and practice. This month includes 2 moon rituals and 1 book of the month reading recommendation to further deepen your understanding.

Weekly Waterwork

Each week, you will find one new habit, ritual, practice, or prayer to implement in your life. Habits take time and consistency to build, so schedule this action into the weekly planner on Sunday or Monday to prioritize it for the coming week. At the end of the week, you may decide to keep the habit or let it go. Each is only a suggestion. Try it on and feel it out. Some may become lifelong allies!

Daily Drink

Each day, you'll be offered a short prompt for Musing & Reflection. This is a space to ponder, consider, meditate, percolate, and then jot down or draw whatever arises from the inner waters of your intuitive awareness. These sections may include teachings about the nature of Water, or opportunities to learn directly from Water herself.

Are we aquasapiens living in on a blue marble planet floating in the superfluid of space, like a cell within your liquid body of water, or an airbubble in the ocean?


To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, & life itself. ~ Dr. Masaru Emoto 


⭐️ Join us as we expand, zoom out, & take in a broad scope perspective of water's role in cosmology, astronomy, astrology, & anatomy.

🌑 Meet waters many incarnations & roles throughout the cosmos

🎶 Listen to the songs of the universe 

✨ Learn about the secret watery life of stars, how they shoot water “bullets” & why.

🌌 Explore the possibility of the Dark Fluid  Theory..

💫  Swim in the astrological & discover the ways in which water weaves our bodies into the movements & moods of celestial bodies above. 

💦 Explore theories on waters cosmic origins.

👩🏻‍🚀 Dive into the realm of astrobiology: use your personal astrological natal chart to discover your symphony of self, how water influences you, & more..

🌊 Communicate with water through hydromancy to ask about the university 

🌎 Learn a medicine song to honor waters journey through the cosmos


Reshape your perspective of life, matter, consciousness, & the universe as a whole in this months Daily Drip.

Transform your relationship to existence, one day at a time. 💧

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